Episode 13 - Coffee Engineering

This Episode is quite an exciting one because its the precursor and teaser to our new Website going live in just a few days!

The website will have an enthusiastic, passionate adventurous feel and an appreciation for the ambitious and we believe every great adventure starts with great coffee. We will have quality coffee available for purchase and subscription delivery right to your door. We've spent months sourcing, roasting and tasting the best quality coffee from around the world to bring you amazing single origins from world class growers.

This podcast delves into all things coffee with Ryan Toleman - Head Roaster at Freelance Roasting in Queensland. He has an in depth knowledge and strong passion in his field and we go down the rabbit hole to bring you a better understanding of coffee, its history and how it has been a main stayer throughout its existence.

Ryan is a great inspiration of mine and someone I call friend. I hope y'all get a lot from this one because there is a lot of great content to soak in.



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