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Jai and Ben are life long friends with a deep connection to the ocean. Originally from South Eastern Australia, they both relocated to the North East Coast to study and follow their careers in marine science. Both Jai and Ben are experienced spearfisherman who have plenty of good stories to share. Ayden Doumtsis also jumps in to touch on his recently found love of the sport. 

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Sup Y'all!

Were back with another episode feature my good friend and mentor, Mick Guthrie. We speak on business, lifestyle, mindset, fishing and overall personal growth. Some amazing content in this one.

Thank you to everyone who flicks me a message in support of what I do. It truly means a lot. Rest assured that I'm no chance of stopping.  

I hope you all enjoy!



Jake and Triggy are two very good friends of mine and we fish and talk often. This ep is more about Jake and his story. He has a solid fishing background who learns off his own back and has made his mark in the Aussie fishing industry targeting large, sight-casted Saratoga. We chat all things fishing, life, mindset and even a bit of combat sport.

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Ayden and James Doumtsis (Twin Elements) have hunted since they could walk. They are advocates for sustainable, ethical practice and conservation. This podcast is broken into a 3 part series where we discuss the controversies, tribulations and rewards that hunting provides us as humans. We talk food, guiding, close calls, epic hunts and what's planned for the future of hunting in Australia. 

Hope Y'all enjoy!