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This Episode is quite an exciting one because its the precursor and teaser to our new Website going live in just a few days!

The website will have an enthusiastic, passionate adventurous feel and an appreciation for the ambitious and we believe every great adventure starts with great coffee. We will have quality coffee available for purchase and subscription delivery right to your door. We've spent months sourcing, roasting and tasting the best quality coffee from around the world to bring you amazing single origins from world class growers.

This podcast delves into all things coffee with Ryan Toleman - Head Roaster at Freelance Roasting in Queensland. He has an in depth knowledge and strong passion in his field and we go down the rabbit hole to bring you a better understanding of coffee, its history and how it has been a main stayer throughout its existence.

Ryan is a great inspiration of mine and someone I call friend. I hope y'all get a lot from this one because there is a lot of great content to soak in.



We had some great feedback from Part 1. If you haven't checked it yet drop back an episode and have a listen before you suss this one!

Part 2 consists of a little Q&A, Ikijime and some more juicy fishing and tech talk.

Hit us with some feedback!

Tight Lines,


A long time and good friend of mine, Brock Dembowski and I sit down and chew the fat about all things fishing and spearing, including boats, fish handling (ikijime), epic trips, wonky holes and delve into sounder settings and tech. Brock is a very educated human and a very good fisher/spearfisherman who has taught me a lot over the years. 

This one is a great informative listen and we blabbed on long enough to break it into 2 parts.

Hope y'all enjoy!

Tight Lines,



This ep we speak with Nathan Cleasby. A die-hard spearo living in North Queensland.

We cover various aspects of free diving and touch on multiple species, a few tips and some hectic encounters with sharks and dogtooth tuna. 

Nathan also has a full custom built Haines 20 foot boat and the story behind the build can be found on the COMPOSITE COMMUNITY series of podcasts on THIS platform.

Let us know what you think!

We are back with another Episode of Composite Community!

This Episode features Rhys Bullimore and he discusses his heavy involvement in North Queenslands Barramundi Restocking and delves into his DIY skiff build from a prototype Haines hull.

Aiight welcome back to another episode of Composite Community! 

Second cab off the rank features Adam Finlay, owner of Audacity Charters in North Queensland. Adam drops by to chat about his growth as a guide from starting as a deckhand to now owning and operating a 30 odd foot vessel for his charter business off of beautiful Camp Island.

This is the first episode of a new series called Composite Community. This series is hosted by a good friend and expert in the composite industry, Chris Austin.

We chat all things in the composite (fibreglass/resin) game including marine industry leaders, boat builders, DIY old school boat rebuilds, tips tricks, insights and everything in between.

Back with another adult-only poddy with Michael Guthrie and Myself talking all things funny, fishing and lifestyle. We cover controversial topics, social media, recap Mick's recent trip to Sudan along with plenty of banter and good vibes. For those who don't know Mick; he is the founder of Cast Mag co - a rapidly growing and highly respected company within the fishing industry. This episode comes off the back of a three-day film trip with early mornings, late nights and hard work (plenty of alcohol after knock off). We pushed through a late Sunday finish and got this one done for you guys.

This episode features Jims Fishing. A local to Far North Queensland who has an analytical fishing style. We talk Barra, we talk Jacks and we talk the infamous 4 pound comp that is gaining momentum year after year.