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We are back and trying to tackle some COVID lockdown with some good content! 

This episode features Brent Poultney. A young and inspiring fishing guide for African Waters who is well travelled and a highly driven and ambitious angler. Mick Guthrie from CAST Mag co was good enough to record a chat that Brent and himself had while on a remote trip in Sudan targeting various species on both conventional and fly.

This Ep features a couple of Barramundi Queens from the Top End. Shannen Jeffery and Charlotte Klose (Shannlotte) have Northern Territory Barra dialled and are very analytical and inspirational fishos.

Back on the grind and getting more serious with this in the future so expect some more content!

Had a fair few beers and a send of with good mates of mine from Team Biohazard - Ben Judd, James Park, Kel Shipp. Very good friends of mine who I fish with often. Good banter, plenty of laughs and some informative content in this one. Part One of a 2 Part episode!! 

This episode follows on from Powelly's podcast with me. I speak with young Flynn Cypher (@saltwaterprodigy on insta) about his epic life growing up on Christmas Island (the non-immigration one) and his crazy travels all over the world chasing bucket list species. 
This one is with Good Ol Mick Guthrie again having a yarn about what he's been up to the past couple of months. The next one features a great young kid by the name of Flynn Cypher (@saltwaterprodigy) on Instagram.
This Episode features Dan Powell; A highly regarded fisho who dials in on a goal with tunnel vision and achieves amazing results. We were lucky enough to line our trip (episode 1) with Dans trip at the same location; catching up at our island campsite in the arvos for a few beers and great chat.
This episode features Mick Guthrie (aka Mr Aspire to Inspire). We are on a road trip from Brisbane AU heading to a remote and secret spot to chase some flats fish on fly.