GO Bags - 30 Serve Pack

GO Bags - 30 Serve Pack

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Epic coffee, on the GO!

An essential on any great adventure is a good coffee, and by good, we mean GOOOOOOD! Our epic House Blend that packs a clean and silky punch!

Chuck a couple in a cup, add boiling water, steep for a bit and enjoy!

For those of Y'all that like some diversity; we have selected, roasted and blended some of the best matching flavours and textures to create a House Blend that's bolddense and full of tradition

Each pack comes with 60 GO Bags (we recommend 2 bags per serve).

Serious coffee stuff:

REGION | Multi-National
VARIETAL | Diverse

ELEVATION | The right heights
PROCESS | The best methods
ROAST DEGREE | Medium/dark (4.5/5)
TASTES LIKE | Chocolate, caramel and raisins

How to Brew at Home or on the Go