The Honduras
The Honduras
The Honduras
The Honduras

The Honduras

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An essential on any great adventure is a good coffee, and by good, we mean something amazing that adds to the experience! We have delivered Single Origin coffee, that's easy to brew and does just that!

The Honduras is a single-origin coffee from the award-winning San Francisco farm located in Marcála, Honduras. Grown on award-winning trees this single-o is packed with creamy notes and a subtle citrus acidity.


REGION | Honduras
PROCESS | Washed
ROAST DEGREE | Medium, (3\5)
TASTES LIKE | Walnutty, sweet and clean with mandarin like acidity.


Don Fabio Caballero and his winning farm, San Francisco is located in Marcála and sits at an altitude of 1300-1450masl. Having won several awards in past Cup Of Excellence (coffee producer Olympics) events, Don Fabio has refrained from entering competitions for spent several years, focusing on maintaining his farms and embarking on new projects.
His family is no stranger to awards; his daughter Marysabel is a producer of high-quality coffee, having taken first place in the Cup of Excellence (Honduras) program in 2016.

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